The key questions to ask when viewing an apartment for sale in Fuerteventura

The key questions to ask when viewing an apartment for sale in Fuerteventura

When looking for a property in Fuerteventura, it is essential to pay attention to a number of crucial aspects that can influence the purchase decision. Whether you’re a novice or experienced shopper, it’s easy to lose your judgment amid so many choices.

The key to a good transaction lies in asking the right questions and carefully evaluating various aspects of the property.

How long has it been on sale?

The length of time a property has been on the market can be indicative of various aspects. If a property has been unsold for a long time, it could be due to structural problems, obvious disadvantages or an unattractive price. This aspect provides valuable clues about the overall condition of the property and gives you leeway to negotiate a more favorable price, so don’t be afraid to ask this key question.

In addition to considering how long it has been for sale, it is beneficial to investigate whether there have been changes in price during that period. A reduction in the original price could indicate a greater willingness on the part of the seller to close the sale, providing you with negotiating opportunities.

Is all the documentation for the apartment available?

Transparency in documentation is a key point to avoid future inconveniences. Make sure that the owner has all the necessary documents for the sale, such as the nota simple, certificate of occupancy, energy certificate and proof of payment of community and supplies. This step is very important to ensure a smooth transaction.

Don’t settle for the owner’s verbal affirmation. Request copies of the documents for review. Also, verify the validity of each document, as some have a limited validity. The absence of any paperwork can delay the buying and selling process, so it is vital to address this aspect from the beginning.

How much are the expenses?

Before committing to buy a property, it is essential to know all the costs associated with it. The community, real estate tax (IBI) and utilities are key elements. Carefully evaluate these costs to determine if they are sustainable within your budget.

In addition to knowing the monthly costs, it is useful to understand the historical trend of increases in these expenses. Some buildings may have experienced significant increases in community fees in recent years, which could impact your ability to cover these expenses over the long term.

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Are there any outstanding payments or debts with the community of neighbors?

Outstanding spills can become an additional financial burden. Be sure to obtain information on any approved spills that have not yet been paid. Also ask for evidence that the seller is up to date with payments to the community of neighbors, avoiding unpleasant surprises in the future.

In addition to inquiring about outstanding spills, it is useful to investigate whether there have been any major spills in the past. This could indicate recurring problems in the building that could affect the financial stability of the community. Obtaining a complete history of spills will allow you to better assess the financial risks associated with the property.

Is there any damage to the home?

Inspect for damage to the home to anticipate potential problems. Dampness and other damage can be costly to repair. Ask the landlord to show you any visible damage, such as non-functioning electrical outlets or windows with locking problems, to assess the extent of repairs needed.

In addition to checking for visible damage, consider hiring a professional to perform a more detailed inspection. A technical architect may be the solution, to identify structural or installation problems that may not be obvious to the naked eye. This additional investment can save you future headaches and unexpected expenses.

Who are the neighbors?

Although it often goes unnoticed,the quality of the neighborhood is crucial. Ask about the community and neighborhood characteristics to make a decision. The tranquility and security of the surroundings are determining factors when choosing a home.

In addition to asking about the quality of the neighborhood, consider visiting the area at different times of the day and week. This will allow you to get a more complete perspective on the environment, noise level and safety. Talking directly with some neighbors can also provide you with valuable information about life in the area.

Before committing to buying an apartment in Fuerteventura, it is vital to ask the right questions and thoroughly evaluate various aspects of the property. The information gathered will help you make a good decision and avoid future inconveniences.

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