How to prepare the house before visitors

How to prepare the house before visitors

Since first impressions count the most, at Destiny Home we are committed to being more efficient in selling the homes we are asked to manage by homeowners. We have been using the home staging methodology for years.

Our selling client must know that the first few seconds in which the buying client analyzes the house are the most important. Either online, by viewing the property file, photos, video and virtual tour, or with a physical visit to the property.

What is Home Staging based on?

We, at Destiny Home, have opted for this technique, to sell the house in less time and at the highest market price, since the interested party perceives the value of the property on his visit.

Rooms that are unfurnished, deteriorated or with outdated decoration, become attractive rooms:


Home Staging is based on preparing and decorating a property in order to highlight its most attractive features, as well as eliminating elements that may be an obstacle for potential buyers.

Showing the rooms with less decorative elements, with more luminosity, spaciousness and a sense of wellbeing are the keys to home staging.

These actions can be summarized as follows:

  • Thorough cleaning of the house, tidying it and putting away what is in the way.
  • To do a facelift such as painting, floor and doors, cleaning of windows and blinds.
  • Rearrange the furniture to give more space to the house.
  • Highlight the most beautiful by highlighting colors.
  • Enlarge light, making the rooms more homely.
  • Achieve a positive first impression of the house.


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The benefits of home staging for the home for sale

  • Revalue the property: it is about highlighting the strong points and minimizing (or eliminating) the defects (weak points) of the property for sale.
  • Attract the largest number of potential buyers.
  • Accelerates the sale of the property.
  • Create a positive first impression.
  • Allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • It minimizes the buyer’s probability of negotiation, since there is nothing to criticize and the house is sold at its optimum value.
  • Improve the visibility of your property on the Internet. According to statistics, most buyers decide whether they want to visit a house based on the photos on the Internet.


These actions prior to the buyers’ visits, give the opportunity to sell the house in Fuerteventura at the best price, as fast as possible and with the best professionals.

The client-owners receive this service with interest and appreciate that the photographic and video report, after applying Home Staging, is so captivating; example of a client who has published a review in Google about DestinyHome’s services to sell his house in Fuerteventura (click to see it in Google Reviews).

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It has been proven that with a small investment in the property, it can be sold in less time and without having to lower the initial price, due to the increase in value achieved with the staging technique.

Don’t know how much your house in Fuerteventura can be worth? We help you to calculate it.

Free valuation of your house in Fuerteventura

The price of the house in its current state can be increased by applying home staging.

Example of Virtual Home Staging, with the help of artificial intelligence, before and after the renovation:

villa lajares before villa lajares after


At Destiny Home we are the pioneers of this method of
Homestaging in Fuerteventura
This method revalues the property, improves its position in the market and is giving magnificent results to the selling clients.

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