Bonuses for the solar IBI in Fuerteventura

Bonuses for the solar IBI in Fuerteventura

The IBI bonus in Fuerteventura can be accessed, if a system for the thermal or electrical use of energy from the sun has been installed in the home.

The bonuses can reach 100% of the full IBI fee, depending on the municipality.

Types of solar panels

Thermal solar panels: This system captures solar radiation to transform it into heat, so that the energy generated can be used for cooking or heating water, among other utilities.

Photovoltaic solar panels: This system captures solar radiation to transform it into electricity, so that the energy generated can be used for the use of any type of electronic device, among other utilities.

The regulations for photovoltaic self-consumption allow town halls to subsidize those who install systems for the thermal or electrical use of energy from the sun.

Bonuses for Municipalities of Fuerteventura

Both the reduction percentage and the duration of the aid depend on the municipality.

Normally, they are between 3 and 5 years, but there are municipalities that are committed to tax benefits as an incentive for the transition to photovoltaic self-consumption

As a general rule, the beneficiaries are the owners of real estate in which systems have been installed for the thermal or electrical use of energy from the sun.

The tax benefit is 20% of the full amount of the tax. The tax benefit is incompatible with the obligatory bonus for real estate urbanization, promotion and construction companies.

Location Percentage Duration (years) Use to which it is applied Limitations
Antigua 20 3 Habitual residence Maximum bonus of 33% of the cost
total installation
Tuineje 20 6, biannual application All Bonus of 100% IBI fee, up to €90,000 payable base
Puerto del Rosario 20 4, from the year following its installation. single-family residences and

Table created by Destiny Home from data published by “Cambio Energético Website“. Updated in 2023.

Exceptions or specific rules by municipality:

Beneficiaries and requirements in Puerto del Rosario: Single-family homes that install systems for the electrical use of solar energy for self-consumption and homes / premises that are located in buildings with solar collectors or with a minimum of 4 m2 of thermal or photovoltaic panels for every 100 m2 of built-up area, and that in any case they are covered by community agreements.

Tax benefit in Tuineje: For thermal use, if the cadastral value is up to €90,000, the tax benefit will be up to 15%. Above €90,000 there will be no bonus. A bonus of 15% is applied in the IBI for solar thermal use and 20% for electrical use for homes with cadastral value up to 90,000 euros.

Requirements in Antigua:

  • Buildings whose use is residential and habitual residence.
  • The systems must have been installed voluntarily and not obligatory in accordance with the specific regulations on the matter applicable on the date of installation.
  • The installed systems must take advantage of the energy coming from the sun with a minimum of 4 m2 of opening surface for solar collection.

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How to request the IBI bonus for solar panels?

The procedures offered by the Town Halls to request the bonus:

  • Electronic means, through the Virtual Office of the City Council. An identification is usually requested, such as a digital certificate, electronic ID or secure user password. There are also town halls that allow electronic processing for those who do not have a digital certificate, accessing with an email. In these cases, they can give a deadline to go to the City Council registry and sign the application.
  • Through the registry, being able to formulate the request accompanied by the documentation required in any registry (City Hall, Government Sub-delegation, Civil Registry, Post Office, etc.).
  • In person, applicable only to natural persons, requesting an appointment, generally at the Taxpayer Service Offices of the City Council.

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Documentation to request the IBI bonus

We indicate the documentation that can be requested, although in some municipalities not all require:

  • Application duly completed.
  • Detailed invoice of the installation expressly stating the model and type of the solar energy system and the date and place of assembly thereof.
  • Copy of the corresponding resolution of the Secretary of State for Energy or other competent body certifying said solar energy system.
  • Documentation proving that the installation has been carried out voluntarily and not obligatory in accordance with the specific regulations on the subject applicable on the date of installation.
  • Documentation that identifies the properties for which the tax benefit is requested (cadastral reference or copy of the Real Estate Tax receipt). If these receipts do not appear in the name of the owner of the property, a copy of the property title must be provided.
  • For properties with residential use subject to the horizontal property regime, the bonus request will be presented by the representation of the community of owners, with the documentation and other data referring to the community installation, and with the list of all the properties affected and the identification of their respective owners (if any of them do not coincide with the holders of the receipts, it will be necessary to submit a request for change of ownership together with the corresponding documentation); being applicable, where appropriate, for each of said properties.
  • Photocopy of the DNI
  • The planning license for the photovoltaic installation.
  • Photocopy of the IBI receipt or copy of the cadastral resolution of the registration of the property.
  • Certified copy of the detailed invoices of the installation that prove what it has cost you.
  • Copy of the Installation Bulletin issued by the authorized company, registered in the register of Low Voltage installers, or certificate of competent technician duly endorsed.
  • Proof of having paid the Tax on constructions, installations and works (ICIO).
  • Facility maintenance contract, with a stipulated duration (for example, three years).
  • Technical certificate of approval of the collectors, for thermal solar installations.
  • Breakdown and supporting documents for the cost of installing the systems.
  • Certificate of self-sufficiency of electrical consumption.
  • Photograph of the installation.

Other sources: (Puerto del Rosario: Ordinance to determine the IBI tax rate

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