Finance the purchase of a house in Fuerteventura, in 8 steps

Finance the purchase of a house in Fuerteventura, in 8 steps

Once you know what mortgage to ask for and for what amount, we will show you the 8 phases of the process to get the mortgage.

Remember that, in addition to the free study, we can help you finance 70% of the amount of the house and that, throughout the process, the financial advisor will accompany you:

Contact our financial advisor

Introductory meetings

The financial advisor will make an appointment with you to discuss the home purchase and financing.

We provide information on various mortgage products and other services of potential interest, so you can choose the one that best suits your plans.

We provide you with a GUIDE to your purchase project, which includes information on the documents required to process the loan.

We calculate different options for products and financial conditions, so you can analyse the best option for you.

You will receive a list of documents that we will use to review the transaction:
What documentation will I need?

Review and decision

Once we have received all the documentation, we will study the loan application and inform you.
of our decision regarding its viability.
If necessary, we can ask you for additional supporting documents.

Transaction processing

If the transaction is feasible, you can arrange the appraisal of the property directly, or we can arrange it for you.

The procedures at the Registry begin, and we will need you to provide us with your bank details for
configure payments.

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Preparations for the signing

We will provide you with the pre-contractual agreement, with the documentation it contains:

  • European Standardized Information Sheet (ESIS).
  • Standardized Legal Notice Sheet (FiAE).
  • If you choose a variable rate product, the information document with different scenarios depending on changes in the interest rate.
  • Document with a breakdown of expenses and their allocation.
  • Contract project.
  • Waiver of the obligation to receive notarial advice.
  • List of documents received and explained.

We will review together the information contained in this document, to confirm that it is what is being
agreed and resolved any possible queries.

The pre-contractual document is signed.
You must also sign the SEPA mandate (direct debit mandate).

We set the date for the signing of the notarial deed.

On our website you find the best selection of houses and villas for sale in Fuerteventura:

Execution of the notarial deed

After signing the pre-contractual documentation, you will have time to reflect (at least 10 days), to evaluate the transaction as a whole and to visit the notary of your choice to receive the mandatory advice before signing the deeds.

The notary will answer any questions you may have and will ask you a series of questions, including whether you have received and understood the information about the mortgage loan.

The notary will then draw up the notarial deed.

Signature at the notary

You go to the same notary’s office again to sign the mortgage loan deed and the rest of the related documentation.

We will provide all loan documentation.
The notary will also e-mail you a copy of the loan deed.

Call after signing

The financial advisor will call, after signing in front of a notary, to find out what you think and feel about how things went.

Delivery of deeds

Once the proceedings have been completed, you will receive:

  • A bill of sale or other items that may have funds provisioned.
  • Invoices corresponding to the costs of the deed and registration of the purchase and sale or other administrative procedures carried out.
  • Liquidation of contributed funds (sale or other administrative procedures carried out)
    for which funds have been provided).

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