The most valued services of a real estate agency in Fuerteventura

The most valued services of a real estate agency in Fuerteventura

We have analyzed the issues that most concern those who are looking for a home in Fuerteventura and those who, being owners, are considering making their investment profitable, by renting, vacationing or selling their property, advised by an expert real estate agency in real estate purchase and sale operations in Fuerteventura:

What do homeowners need from a real estate agency in Fuerteventura?

Generally, the owners are not used to preparing the sale of their home, as it is an infrequent activity for them.

It is for the real estate agency that works daily with owners, who need to sell to buy a new home, or want to rent the property to make it profitable, while they do not enjoy it on the island.

For this reason, it is normal that the first thing they want is to solve the problems they are not aware of, especially regarding financial, legal, and tax matters.

They especially value being constantly informed, being notified of the status of the operation, of any changes that affect their property.

For owners who have rented their home, it is important to them that defects are quickly repaired, that the property is kept clean, in good condition, that responsible tenants are chosen to take care of the house.

To who want to sell, they are interested in anticipating the moment of sale, fixing an adequate sale price, analyzing the tax repercussions of the sale, calculating costs and taxes for the sale of a home in Fuerteventura, both those that are paid during the property (IBI), at the time of the sale (plusvalia) and after the sale (repercussions in the IRPF).

Excellent real estate, with ideas and resources to achieve your goals, even in times of little market. You can trust them both for advertising your home -excellent reports- and for rental operations, rent with option to buy, or sale. Even from outside Fuerteventura and dealing with clients of other nationalities. Of course, with an exclusive relationship. It would have been impossible for me to manage my home without Destiny Home. I am very grateful.” The opinion of Rafael Santamaría, in Google.


A Destiny Home real estate consultant, showing a guided tour to Italian clients looking to buy a house in Fuerteventura

What services do homeowners in Fuerteventura request?

In a survey by the Association of Realtors of America (NAR), 89% of sellers hire a real estate agent to advise them on these issues:

  • set the market price to put your property up for sale,
  • find qualified potential buyers and select them for their financial capacity
  • Negotiate with the buying party and prepare the closing of the sale.

In addition, they especially value values, such as the honesty and integrity of the agent, their knowledge of the local real estate market and that they respond quickly to their doubts.

Get the maximum return on your home in Fuerteventura

What do buyers of apartments and villas value from a real estate agency in Fuerteventura?

Although most of the real estate properties are available on real estate portals, not all properties are publicly advertised, so those interested in buying turn to local agencies, knowing that they know the market and the owners who, in some cases, prefer that the management of the sale of their home be done privately.

In addition, prices displayed on the portals are not very real, especially if they have not been professionally valued. A real estate agency in Fuerteventura knows at what prices homes are sold and which are not.

Knowing if the sale price is in line with the market is one of the main concerns of buyers.

On the other hand, they are interested in knowing their purchasing power, if they need financing and the budget they may have, to determine which homes they can afford to buy.

Buyers like a correct financial analysis and a realistic search for housing.

Buyers of all ages, more or less knowledgeable about technology and home search applications, value a real estate agency, especially:

  • other buyers reviews in Fuerteventura, on social networks and in public reviews (see the opinions of Destiny Home, real estate in Fuerteventura),
  • the real estate sales history and buyer customer profile,
  • the personal attention that the agent offers you, before hiring you,
  • Knowledge of the area, knowing what is happening in the Fuerteventura real estate market.

The human quality and the treatment received by the agents who advise them in the purchase process, the attention they offer and that they are careful that everything goes well, make you feel that they really care, that you get what you are looking for, your home !“, in the words of José Arraez in his public opinion.

Sell your home in Fuerteventura with a real estate agent

Buyers visiting a villa in Fuerteventura

Buyers visiting a villa in Fuerteventura

Apartments for sale in Fuerteventura

What services do homebuyers demand in Fuerteventura?

According to a NAR survey, for buyers and their relationship with real estate agents, the most requested activities are:

  • Guided tours of the properties (virtual and face-to-face),
  • information on new homes available and notices of price changes,
  • receive alerts to be the first to know the availability of a new home,
  • studies and financial calculations, to know the purchasing power,
  • Receive information on properties that meet your criteria (personalized request).

We help you find the apartment or villa you are looking for in Fuerteventura

Public opinions of buyers and sellers in Google Reviews in Fuerteventura:

Destiny Home Group
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Rosario Hernandez Ojeda
Rosario Hernandez Ojeda
11:58 13 Nov 23
Very happy with Mr. Alexandro's very kind attention and the speed with which he managed to sell our propertyThank you so much!
Tiziano Ciapparelli
Tiziano Ciapparelli
20:15 07 Nov 23
Juan carlos Dominguez Alvarez
Juan carlos Dominguez Alvarez
11:28 10 Oct 23
Many Patricia and Alejandro.A complicated sale but with good results thanks to all the effort.We are very grateful.Many thanks for everything.
M. Paz L. M.
M. Paz L. M.
12:33 09 Oct 23
Very good purchasing experience with Stephanie, who was very attentive and helped me with all my questions. The process was easy and pleasant.Thank you so much!
daniel zucconelli
daniel zucconelli
12:22 09 Oct 23
I had a meeting with Mrs. Wolf,Absolutely positive feedback.Very professional, serious and very helpful woman.
Henk Buitink
Henk Buitink
13:46 26 Jul 23
Destiny Home supported us in buying a property. The way of work was accurate, friendly and professional and so was our contact person Janina! Great experience and to be recommended!
chloé cartron
chloé cartron
14:02 01 Jul 23
We recently purchased an apartment via this agency. The process was really smooth and our point of contact, Janina, was extremely helpful and very responsive, making this all process pleasant. Highly recommend
09:49 07 Aug 22
I have bought a house in Corralejo with there help. Patricia has helped me very well. I could ask a lot of questions about the house, but also of other things that involve moving over or life in fuerteventura.It's a big thing buying a house in a different country and it could be stressfull at... times. Therefore it's nice to be in good contact with the agent. It's been really good and it gave me a lot of comfort.Thank you Patricia!read more
Doors Nyelviskola
Doors Nyelviskola
19:27 17 Nov 21
My name is Viktoria Hetei Orosz. We bought an apartement with the help of Destinyhome. From the very first moment the agency helped us literally in everything related to the purchase. We are foreigners And it was our first purchase so we had a lot of worries and questions. We got every possible... help from our personal agent Patricia. Sometimes we were in daily contact with her trying to precise every detail. After the purchase another collegue of the Destiny was helping us a lot: Meliza. She walked with Me to the office to arrange some changes in ownership, or when I had another problem she helped Me within 30 minutes no matter that by then our deal had already been finished. I can recommend this agency to everyone who is interested in purchasing a real estate in Fuerteventura:)read more
marie vandeplassche
marie vandeplassche
09:55 10 Nov 21
We were looking to buy a flat in Corralejo and went through Destiny Home to find our dream property. Stephanie was our main contact, she was very professional and reactive whenever we had questions about the property or the buying process. The support we received from the company was outstanding.
Andrew Popplewell
Andrew Popplewell
17:29 05 Nov 21
We bought our home on the island a couple of months ago through Destiny Homes with the help and guidance of Stephanie which proved invaluable. Stephanie listened to our requirements and very quickly was able to show us several properties of interest. The service throughout was professional and... responsive. We were kept updated every step of the way leading to the eventual purchase of our dream home. Well-done all!read more
Juan Chávez
Juan Chávez
11:37 03 Sep 21
Destiny Home was the right choice.Stephanie’s profesional service exceeded our expectations.She was always available and replied all our queries very quickly.She helped us throughout the whole process including problems when requesting the mortgage with the bank always showing a lot of... patients.We are very happy to say that we finally bought our first apartment in Shambhala Parque Holandés Stephanie’s help.Dante and Oscar gave us a complete and transparent explanation on the final steps and future business we are doing together with this flat.The three of them are amazing people and very experiencedI totally recommend anyone interested in investing or buying to get in touch with them.Amazing teamThank you very muchLooking forward to see all of you againBest regards, saludosread more
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