From tourist to property owner. Reasons to live in Fuerteventura

From tourist to property owner. Reasons to live in Fuerteventura

What are the reasons why a tourist from Fuerteventura decides to become an owner?

Owning a home makes it easier for you to return whenever you want, live seasonally, make the investment profitable through renting, and revalue your assets. Let’s see the reasons why tourists decide to buy a house in Fuerteventura and reside for long periods of time on the island:

Climate and beaches

Fuerteventura is known for its warm and sunny climate all year round, making it an attractive location for those who want to escape the cold winters. Its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a great attraction for tourists.

surfing fuerteventura


The island offers a calm and relaxed lifestyle, away from the bustle and stress of big cities.

Many tourists are looking for a place where they can enjoy peace  and Fuerteventura both moments of relaxation and sports activities.

Fuerteventura gym

Outdoor gym – Endorphin, Fuerteventura

Regardless of the age or physical condition of the tourist, whether they are looking for new emotions or to improve their technique in a sport, Fuerteventura is the ideal place, since it offers professional training, with facilities and professional trainers, as well as a great community.

Digital nomads and tourists who come to Fuerteventura discover the alternatives that the island offers, its
water and outdoor sports.

Outdoor activities

Fuerteventura is a paradise for lovers of water sports and outdoor activities. Tourists can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving and other sports activities in Fuerteventura.

kitesurf Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing in Fuerteventura

In addition, the island has beautiful landscapes and natural reserves that invite you to go hiking, cycling and explore nature with activities like these:

  • Boat trips: Boat trips around Fuerteventura are very popular. These excursions are ideal for enjoying the sea, watching dolphins and whales, visiting nearby islands such as Lobos or Lanzarote, and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.
  • Hiking and trekking: Fuerteventura has a wide variety of hiking routes that allow you to explore its volcanic landscape and its natural protected areas, such as the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park and the Jandía Natural Park. . These routes offer breathtaking views and the opportunity to connect with nature.
  • Visits to natural parks: Fuerteventura is home to several natural parks of great beauty, such as the Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park, the Jandía Natural Park and the Betancuria Rural Park. These protected natural spaces are ideal for hiking, observing the native fauna and flora and enjoying panoramic views.
  • Diving and snorkelling: The crystal clear waters that surround Fuerteventura are excellent for diving and snorkelling. The island has a wide variety of diving spots, where you can explore coral reefs, underwater caves and observe rich marine life.
  • Bird watching: Fuerteventura is home to numerous species and is a resting point for migratory birds. Ornithology enthusiasts can enjoy bird watching in areas such as the Saladar de Jandía or the “Islotes de Lobos” Nature Reserve.

Low taxes and cost of living

Fuerteventura offers attractive tax benefits for those who wish to reside on the island. See the Taxes for the sale of real estate in Fuerteventura and the discounts for the transition to photovoltaic self-consumption

Additionally, living costs are generally lower compared to other tourist destinations, allowing tourists to live more cheaply.

The prices of basic products in Fuerteventura are lower than in Spain, shopping is 1.12 times cheaper in Fuerteventura than in Spain and 1.18 times cheaper than in Mallorca (source: hikersbay).

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International community

The presence of people with different origins is an attraction for many tourists, due to the cultural diversity and the possibility of interacting with people from different countries and cultures.

Fuerteventura welcomes 30% of Spanish visitors, but the presence of other nationalities is very prominent, especially Italian, British, German, French, Belgian, Dutch and Scandinavian.

In fact, the Canary Islands are the second autonomous community with the most homes purchased by foreigners in 2022.

There is also an increase in investors from China, “digital nomads” who buy housing to spend seasons and then rent to their compatriots.

The investment amount for rental properties ranges between 180,000 and 250,000 euros, but in the case of buying to live, the acquisition cost increases: from 400,000 to 750,000 euros.

Quality of life

Fuerteventura is considered a safe island, with a high quality of life. The absence of major security problems and access to quality services, such as medical care and education, are aspects that attract tourists interested in settling on the island.

Canarian gastronomy is highly appreciated by tourists; the authentic flavors of Canarian cuisine have African and Latin American influences. Fuerteventura offers a wide variety of restaurants serving local and international dishes, satisfying the different culinary tastes of tourists.

fuerteventura restaurant

La Platanera Restaurant in Fuerteventura

Return on Real Estate Investment

Many tourists see buying a home in Fuerteventura as a real estate investment opportunity.

Tourist demand is constant on the island, which turns the property into a source of income, through vacation rentals.

Which are the most profitable municipalities in Fuerteventura?

Location Price m2 sale March 2019 (€/m2) Price m2 sale March 2022 (€/m2) 5-year net return
La Oliva 2.101 2.702 29%
Antigua 1.753 2.181 24%
Tuineje 1.493 1.732 16%
Province Las Palmas 1.877 2.127 13%
Pájara 1.940 2.146 11%
Puerto del Rosario 1.269 1.296 2%

Table prepared by Destiny Home from data published by Idealista.

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