The simple note when buying in Fuerteventura

The simple note when buying in Fuerteventura

If you are thinking of buying a property in Fuerteventura or you have already found the house of your dreams on the island, it is vital that you know the importance of the nota simple. This official document, issued by the Land Registry, contains key information about the property and its legal status.

As experts in the real estate sector in Fuerteventura, we are going to explain in depth what the nota simple is, why it is essential in any real estate transaction and how to obtain it correctly.

What is the simple note?

The nota simple is an informative document provided by the Land Registry . It provides a detailed view of the legal status of a property at a given time, including the following information:

  • Ownership: the name of the current owner or co-owners.
  • Description of the property: area, location, boundaries, etc.
  • Charges and encumbrances: mortgages, liens, usufructs, easements, etc.
  • Special conditions: right of withdrawal, leases, etc.

In other words, it is an x-ray of the legal situation of the property that allows you to make a decision when buying a house.

What does the simple note include?

Although it is not obligatory to present the nota simple neither to buy nor to sell a house, it is highly advisable to have this document in your possession before formalizing the purchase. Here’s why:

Verification of ownership

The nota simple confirms who is the current owner of the property. This helps to avoid real estate fraud by ensuring that the person selling the property is indeed the registered owner. Also, check if there are multiple owners or co-ownership situations that may affect the sale.

Identification of charges and encumbrances

One of the main reasons for obtaining a nota simple is to identify any possible encumbrances or liens that the property may have, such as outstanding mortgages, liens or easements .

This is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase. For example, if the property has an outstanding mortgage, the buyer may be obligated to assume that debt unless otherwise agreed.

Accurate description of the property

The nota simple provides a detailed description of the property, including its area, location and exact boundaries. This is vital to ensure that the property meets the buyer’s expectations and that there are no conflicts with neighboring properties.

Identification of special conditions

The nota simple also identifies special conditions that could affect the use or sale of the property, such as existing leases, rights of withdrawal, or easements. For example, a property with an existing lease may limit the new owner’s immediate use.

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Procedure to obtain the simple note

Where to apply

The nota simple is requested at the Land Registry where the property is registered. It can also be requested online through the official portal of the Spanish Association of Registrars or through specialized services.

Necessary documents

To request a nota simple, it is necessary to provide sufficient information to clearly identify the property. This includes:

  • Land registry number
  • Name of registered owner
  • Complete address of the property.

Delivery Time and Cost

Delivery time is usually 24 to 48 hours from order and costs €9.02 plus VAT.

Recommendations for buyers in Fuerteventura

Request an updated

It is advisable to request a nota simple as updated as possible, since the legal situation of a property can change at any time.

Check it with a professional

Terminology and legal details can be confusing. Therefore, it is advisable to have the support of a real estate consultant to interpret the information correctly.

Do not rely exclusively on the simple note

Although it is a valuable document, it is not sufficient on its own. It is essential to perform a complete due diligence, including verifying building permits, energy efficiency certificates, and consulting the land registry to compare surfaces.

Local advice

It is an essential document for anyone thinking of buying a property in Fuerteventura. It provides crucial information about the ownership, charges, encumbrances and special conditions affecting the property. However, it is not infallible, so it is recommended to have the support of local professionals to make a safe and surprise-free purchase.

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