6 forbidden phrases if you want to sell your house in Fuerteventura

6 forbidden phrases if you want to sell your house in Fuerteventura

Selling a house in Fuerteventura is an art that combines marketing, psychology and negotiation. Throughout this process, communication plays a crucial role, determining in many cases the success or failure of the operation. Therefore, it is essential to know what to say and what to avoid when interacting with potential buyers. Here are 6 phrases you should avoid if you want to sell your house successfully.

Price is negotiable

Although the price flexibility can be a reality in many real estate transactions, starting the conversation with this statement can convey the idea that the initial price is overpriced. It is preferable to establish a fair price from the outset, reflecting the real market value, and to leave the door open to negotiations without explicitly mentioning it.selling home guide

Creates a perception of overvaluation when selling a house in Fuerteventura

By immediately suggesting that the price is negotiable, you can create the perception that the property has been intentionally overpriced, hoping that the buyer will negotiate. This can trigger distrust from the outset.

Weakens your bargaining position

Openly indicating a willingness to negotiate price may weaken your position in future negotiations. Buyers may feel they have more room to reduce the price.

Boosts bargaining expectations

This phrase can attract buyers who are more interested in haggling than in the actual qualities of the property, which could result in ridiculously low initial offers.

Sold as is

This phrase can set off alarms in the buyers’ minds, suggesting that the home may have hidden problems or will require major investments in repairs or improvements.

Implies possible defects

Saying “sold as is” may make buyers think there is something wrong with the property, even if that is not the case, and may discourage initial interest.

Discourages potential buyers

Buyers looking for a move-in ready home may be instantly deterred, as they would prefer to avoid the time, cost and effort of making significant repairs.

Affects the perception of value

This phrase may affect how buyers perceive the value of the property, inclining them to make lower offers as they anticipate additional expenses.

Quickly, it will be sold soon

Urging buyers to act quickly can have the opposite of the desired effect, generating distrust or the feeling of being pressured to make a hasty decision.

Generates unnecessary pressure

This statement may make potential buyers feel pressured to make a quick decision, which could lead them to back out of the deal.

May indicate desperation

Saying that a house will sell soon can be interpreted as a sign of desperation to sell, which can weaken your negotiating position.

Discourages careful deliberation

Buyers need time to carefully consider such an investment. Encouraging speed may deter those who prefer a more thoughtful decision-making process.

It is a unique opportunity

Although this phrase is intended to highlight the exclusivity of the offer, it may sound cliché and detract from the credibility of the presentation of the property.

Sounds like an exaggeration

Buyers are used to hearing this phrase and may be skeptical, considering it a sales tactic rather than a genuine statement.

May create skepticism

The overuse of this phrase in the real estate market has led many buyers to automatically distrust it, reducing its impact.

Minimizes buyer research

This statement may be seen as an attempt to minimize the need for the buyer to conduct its own research, which could be counterproductive.

Perfect for any type of buyer (sell house Fuerteventura)

Attempting to cover all potential buyers may result in a diluted message that has nothing to do with any particular buyer. It is more effective to segment and target a specific profile that may be more interested in the unique features of the property.

Lack of marketing focus

This generalist statement can make your marketing strategy seem unfocused. Buyers prefer to feel that a home is tailored specifically to their needs and lifestyle, rather than being presented as a generic option.

Reduces the perception of value

By trying to be everything to everyone, you may inadvertently reduce the perceived value of ownership. Specific buyers, such as families or young professionals, are looking for features that meet their particular needs, and too general a proposition may seem less appealing.

Discourages emotional connection

Buying a home is often an emotional decision as well as a financial one. By marketing it as suitable for “any type of buyer,” you miss the opportunity to create an emotional connection with potential buyers looking for a home that feels tailor-made for them.

The house has a lot of potential (sell house Fuerteventura)

While this phrase is meant to be positive, suggesting that buyers can tailor the home to their tastes, it may also imply that the property needs work and is not ready to move in.

Implies the need for renovation

Talking about the home’s “potential” can lead buyers to assume that significant renovations are required for the property to reach its full potential.

May discourage buyers ready to move in

Buyers looking for a move-in ready home may be deterred by the thought of having to make significant improvements or changes.

Increasing uncertainty

This phrase can increase uncertainty among buyers about the total cost of the property, including the purchase price plus the improvements needed to realize that “potential.”

Selling a house in Fuerteventura is much more than simply listing a house on the market. The way you communicate the value, features and possibilities of your property can make a big difference in how potential buyers perceive the offer. Avoiding phrases that can be misinterpreted or convey the wrong message is key to attracting the right buyer and closing the sale successfully.

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In this context, working with an experienced and professional real estate company becomes an advantage. Destiny Home’s real estate agents know the market and understand how to present your property in a way that resonates positively with buyers. They have the experience to avoid phrases and situations that can divert or diminish the interest of your home.

Choosing to collaborate with an estate agent to sell house in Fuerteventura not only gives you access to their marketing and negotiation expertise, but also ensures that communication about your property will be handled in a professional manner. This is especially crucial in such a competitive market, where the way a property is presented and communicated can be the difference between a successful sale and months of waiting with no offers.

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No, furniture and fixtures expenses are not immediately fully deductible. You can deduct 10% of their value annually, for a period of up to 20 years, as long as the assets are not fixed and remain in the property for at least one year.

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Yes, the cost of the energy certificate is deductible if the property is rented after June 2013. This document is mandatory to rent or sell a property and its cost can be included in the deductible expenses of the rent.

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As deductible expenses for renting a house you can include repair costs, utilities if you assume them, furniture, depreciation of the property, home insurance premiums, local taxes such as IBI, and expenses for third party services. It is essential that these expenses be directly related to the rental of the property and duly justified.

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When renting a house you can deduct taxes such as Real Estate Tax (IBI), sewerage, garbage collection and street lighting, as long as they are linked to the rented property.

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Esta información está disponible en / Post available in: Español (Spanish)

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