Documents required to sell a house in Fuerteventura

Documents required to sell a house in Fuerteventura

Before going to the Notary’s office, it is necessary to have the documents ready, because they will require them in order to proceed with the formalization of the purchase and sale of the property.

On the seller’s side

The owner must compile these documents:

– Photocopy of the DNI / NIE of the holders. More information for non-residents.

Simple note of the property

Deed of sale.

– Last receipt of IBI.

– Photocopy of the community and mortgage receipt.

– Photocopy of contracts and/or last utility bills (water and electricity).

Energy efficiency certificate.

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Exclusive right to sell Contract

By Destiny Home, real estate agency in Fuerteventura

The real estate agency adds documentation to validate the process:

Video or photographs of the property.

Recruitment form / Data sheet.real estate services

Documents to be presented at the notary’s office

The notary will require original documentation to certify the new deed of sale:

Originals of all previous documentation.

Certificate of the bank debt of the mortgage of the house on the date of the deed.

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