The purchase of a plot of land in Fuerteventura

The purchase of a plot of land in Fuerteventura

The process of selecting a plot to build a house is a long evaluation process. Finding the space that meets your needs and matches your expectations requires not only meticulousness, but also the backing of expert advice to guarantee the purchase.

The choice of the site on which to build your home is not simply a real estate decision, but the cornerstone on which your home will be built. In this process, identifying a parcel that meets your specific criteria is essential to realize the vision you have for your future.

The value of land transcends its geographic location. Factors such as topography, soil quality, legal and environmental restrictions, as well as the feasibility of future expansions or projects, are considerations to be taken into account. It is in this evaluation that expert guidance becomes an indispensable ally.

Define your priorities and needs

Before diving into the search for the ideal plot, it is important to take the time to define your needs and goals. We all have different expectations for our home, so setting personal priorities is the first step.

Start by thinking about the type of home you want. One floor or more levels? Need extra space for a home office or dream of a large garden? Identifying these characteristics and requirements will give you a clear picture of what you are looking for.

Also, consider the size you need. Think about your family and their individual needs. If you plan to have children or pets, outdoor areas become important.

Also reflect on your personal preferences. Do you prefer urban living or a quieter, more remote environment? The answer will influence the location you seek for your new home.

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Residential Land Characteristics

Each terrain has particularities that impact the construction and functionality of the space. Evaluating these characteristics is crucial before making a decision.

Topography of the terrain

Observe whether it is flat, sloping or uneven. A flat lot is usually easier to build on and allows for a more efficient distribution of space. However, a sloping or uneven terrain can provide panoramic views or allow for more creative architectural designs. Below, we detail the characteristics of each of them:

Flat land

  • Ease of construction: tends to be easier to work and build on, compared to steep slopes. Soil leveling and surface preparation for foundations and structures is easier.
  • Spatial efficiency: allows for a more efficient distribution of space. The design and construction of structures is simpler, as no significant adaptations or adjustments are required to compensate for topography.
  • Accessibility: it is more direct on flat land, which facilitates movement and circulation in and around the property.

Sloping or uneven terrain

  • Panoramic views: a slope or unevenness in the terrain can offer impressive panoramic views from certain elevated points.
  • Creative architectural design: slopes can inspire unique and creative architectural designs. Different levels can be used to create interesting spaces, terraces, gardens at different heights, among other distinctive elements.
  • Privacy and separation: a sloping site can offer greater privacy and visual separation from neighboring properties. Higher areas can provide a sense of isolation and shelter.

It is important to note that working on sloping or uneven terrain can be more complex and costly. They may require excavation, terracing or retaining structures to level specific areas and ensure soil stability. In addition, it is essential to consider drainage and water management on sloping land to avoid erosion or flooding problems.

Design your Home

Understanding the characteristics of the land is essential before you begin designing your home. It considers topography, soil quality and the presence of natural obstacles.

In addition, it verifies legal or environmental limitations, such as construction restrictions or protected areas. Evaluate sun exposure, prevailing winds and drainage patterns to make the most of the natural environment.

Once the land is chosen, designing your home involves considering your needs, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. The design should be adapted to the terrain and maximize its unique features, whether they are views, gardens or natural elements.

Looking for an Investment?

If you are looking to invest in a parcel of land, consider the location based on its future use. If you plan to build to live in, look for good communication and nearby services. For rental, the tourist area can be key.

The purchase of land for construction should not be rushed. Get advice from a real estate agency that offers you an exclusive treatment and verifies all the permits and possibilities of the plot.

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