Selling new development villas in Fuerteventura

Selling new development villas in Fuerteventura

For the marketing of new build villas in Fuerteventura, whose construction is in progress and not finished, we use marketing techniques and multimedia material, such as infographics, 3D plans, home staging, videos and virtual tours.

Example of an image generated with Artificial Intelligence, over a real one of the house under construction, to show how the villa could look like once decorated(interactive bumper, click and drag to move the images):

villa lajares before villa lajares after

Virtual Home Staging of new villas under construction in Lajares.

We work with local builders for the commercialization of housing developments, as well as promoting our own villas in Fuerteventura.

Below, we explain how to sell a new property in Fuerteventura:

Sales process for new construction villas

  • Planning the project kick-off strategy: start marketing once the development of the land is beginning.
  • Real estate marketing plan, combining the digital real estate sales and marketing plan with the offline marketing and sales plan (billboards, signage, communication in local media)
  • Communication about the environment and potential of the home: publicize the area on which the construction is located, the nearby services and the expected profitability in the area.
  • Creation of multimedia material, from aerial videos of the area, infographics of the property, virtual home staging and virtual tours, so that the buyer can remotely visit what the villa is going to be like, in all detail.
  • Financing facilities: allow the off-plan home buyer options for acquisition in different phases of the real estate project.
  • Management of procedures and documentation, so that the project can be sold in accordance with the legislative requirements of the local administration.

Documentation when selling new construction villas

If you want to sell a newly built house, it is necessary to prepare a lot of documentation; the buyer has the right to ask the owner of the house for these documents:

  • Certificate from the Commercial Registry that certifies the existence of the company.
  • Work license.
  • Technical certification of the work.
  • Registration in the Property Registry.
  • House plan,
  • Description of the property, detailing the area of the house and its common areas,
  • Technical specifications,
  • Proof of total agreed price for the sale of the property
  • Proof or guarantee of the amounts delivered on account.

In Destiny Home we manage the documents and procedures necessary for the sale process of new homes in Fuerteventura.

Ask one of our real estate consultants about the management of new construction real estate projects.

infographic new construction Lanzarote

infographic new construction Lanzarote: villas in Lajares

Sale of new home without finishing construction

If you want to sell before you have the certificate of completion, you must do so by assigning the rights to another buyer.

But before attempting to resell a newly built apartment that has not yet been delivered, it is advisable to review all the terms of the contract to check if there is any clause that prevents it, as this is a practice that occurs when housing prices grow rapidly.

In order to avoid such speculation (profitability when reselling the new off-plan housing), in addition to money laundering, developers include clauses in the contracts to prevent the sale of the property to third parties, unless there are justified causes, such as a change of residence for work.

new construction villas

New construction homes for sale in Fuerteventura

When is a house considered to be no longer new construction?

the property is no longer considered a new construction when these circumstances occur:

  • The certificate of completion of work and the cadastral reference are available,
  • The home has been registered in the Property Registry
  • The first occupation license has been granted (a document that allows you to register all its services)

If you want to sell a villa from that moment on, please note that it will no longer be taxed with the new property transfer tax, since it will be considered as second hand.

In the Canary Islands, the Canary Islands General Indirect Tax (IGIC) is levied at 6.5% for general housing and 3% for social housing.

selling home guide

Who helps me sell my new construction house in Fuerteventura?

The buyer and the owner can request the professional services of a real estate advisor in Fuerteventura. real estate consultant in Fuerteventura The owner of the property under construction with the developer (first transfer) as well as the one related to the sale and purchase (second transfer), can request the professional services of a real estate consultant in Fuerteventura.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare and review between the parties, the taxes that correspond to the real estate sale and purchase:

  • Property Transfer Tax (ITP), which in the purchase of a habitual residence, the tax rate is 4% of the real value of the property; In the case of the transfer of real estate, the ITP in the Canary Islands is 6% of the real value of the property.
  • The Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (I.I.V.T.N.U.) or capital gains, if any, which the owner of the home that has not yet been completed would have to pay.

new construction villas fuerteventura

New construction homes for sale in Fuerteventura

Tools to sell a new construction villa in Fuerteventura

In Destiny Home we are specialists in the marketing of new housing developments in Fuerteventura.

We use all means to show how the villas will look like once they are finished, through multimedia elements such as:

  • Infographics: they are images recreated with a computer, with the aim of transforming the rooms of the home, so that the potential investor or buyer can visualize its potential, both at the level of distribution and decorative and interior design options.
  • 2D and 3D plans: based on the developer’s plans, 3-dimensional plans are generated to facilitate understanding of the spaces and structure of the home.
  • Decoration and Virtual Home Staging: the rooms are recreated with furniture and decoration, so that they look more habitable; Artificial intelligence is helping to generate these images with different decorative styles.
  • Virtual tour: allows you to visit a home inside, online and remotely. It is a virtual reality that shows a complete plan of the rooms and allows you to move between them.

If you need to sell a property development in Fuerteventura, or a new villa, we help you to manage the process and get the highest valuation. We invite you to download the real estate sales guide in Fuerteventura:

selling home guide

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