Coliving in Fuerteventura: An alternative to traditional housing

Coliving in Fuerteventura: An alternative to traditional housing

Coliving in Fuerteventura is a concept that has gained popularity in recent years as an innovative alternative to traditional housing. It is a clear example that rethinking the way we live is possible.

Teleworking has brought about a general revolution in the workplace and has had a significant impact on our way of life.

Coliving is a new way of living, an innovative alternative to traditional housing that arises from this new digital world.

This is a formula that is gaining more and more followers, but it also still raises doubts. Many people wonder what coliving is, how it works and what advantages it offers.

These doubts are answered below.

What is coliving in Fuerteventura?

Typically, coliving is driven by investment funds or other developer formulas to offer rental housing.

In general, they are small homes, but with a wide range of common spaces and services.

It is aimed at a young audience. Especially professionals transitioning to a more stable housing solution.

This type of housing can be considered an evolution of coworking, applied to real estate. Coliving proposes a new lifestyle in which tenants share common spaces, but also experiences and hobbies.

In short, it consists of renting a room with its own bathroom in a building with common services and spaces for all tenants.

The objective is to generate an open space for socializing, recovering the feeling of community that is often hard to find.

At the moment, the coliving system is beginning to gain a foothold and to acquire greater importance in big cities (where paying for a complete apartment is a big effort) or areas with high tourist demand (to which many teleworkers arrive attracted by the climate or the beauty of the place).

What should a coliving have?

Generally, a coliving offers 24-hour care, linens, towels, cleaning and maintenance within the monthly fee.

It is a perfect alternative for all those for whom buying a house is not an option, for whatever reason: lack of resources, choice of life, permanent mobility…

Some coliving spaces offer facilities such as gymnasiums, rooms for small events or coworking spaces.

Coliving Fuerteventura

What are the advantages of coliving?

  • It offers a model of life centered on experience rather than material aspects. It seeks to enhance the connection between the different members of the community through common spaces. It is common to meet people from different countries and cultures, which enriches the experience.
  • The shared experiences provided by this type of space have great value on a personal level, but they are also very beneficial on a work level. Many young professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs opt for this type of housing, which generates a perfect space for collaborative business and the creation of synergies. These spaces are designed and equipped to foster creativity, innovation and teamwork 24 hours a day.
  • Great flexibility. It is a perfect alternative for people who change residence often, with a much wider range of services than traditional rentals. Tenants are under no obligation to stay for long periods of time in the same place. This continual rotation enriches the coexistence with new experiences and points of view.
  • Coliving buildings are usually very well located. For example, in large cities or places where housing supply is usually scarce and expensive. This expands the options for those looking for a new home.
  • It represents a new business opportunity for corporate rentals. It can offer net yields of up to 7.5%, well above traditional rentals. For this reason, more and more developers and investment funds are investing in this type of housing.
  • Coliving frees you from the burden of household chores. As mentioned above, cleaning, laundry and maintenance are usually included in the lease.

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