Exclusive Listing Agreement for selling home in Fuerteventura

Exclusive Listing Agreement for selling home in Fuerteventura

Often, the owner confuses the term “exclusive contract”, understanding it as a limit for the sale of his property.

Nothing could be further from the truth: The seller wants his property to sell at the highest price, but that cannot be achieved by “auctioning” it among several agencies.

The effort made is different depending on the agreement made by the parties, with the exclusive option being the best option for the seller, since it is the one with the highest level of effort, resources and services on the part of the real estate agency.

We differentiate between “open listing” and “exclusive agency listing”, to compare the commitment assumed by the real estate agency in each case.

The “open listing” with various real estate agencies

The owner usually thinks that by offering the management of the sale of his home to several real estate agencies, he gets a greater reach and more options to sell.

Reality is different: the process becomes complicated when several agencies are involved; We explain it by answering these questions:

• Who is responsible for the sale of the property in an open listing agreement?
No one, “the acquisition” is in the hands of several different agents and no one feels responsible for the sale of their property.

• Will all agents receive commission on the sale?
No, only the one who gets the sale.

• And the others?
They would work for nothing, so only basic marketing services are offered.

• What is the level of motivation to sell your property?
Very low, since at any time there can be a reservation from another agency, which is not even notified to the rest.

• If the agent doesn’t have a buyer at that moment, is he going to worry about finding one?
Hardly, because the agent is not happy to spend his energy without having any type of guarantee and he has already had several disappointments.

The owner sometimes sees that on real estate portals, as an idealist, the property appears several times and with different prices, even with different photos, of very poor quality.

The real estate agent knows that buyers can view the property with different agencies and their work will be much more complex, so your property will not be their priority.

Keep in mind that a commission note to several agencies not only does not facilitate the sale of your property, but it makes it difficult because none of the agents who represent you feel responsible when it comes to defending your rights.

And the agent does not care if the property is sold or not, since if he is not the one who sells it, he will not receive any remuneration. That is, it does not really seek the client’s objective, which is the sale of the property to the most qualified buyer.

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Exclusive Agency Listing – Destiny Home

The exclusive listing agreement is a commitment between the real estate agency and its client, the owner, to carry out all the necessary actions to sell the property in the best conditions.

• Who is responsible for the sale of your property with an exclusive listing contract?
The recruiting agent or seller’s agent, backed by the Destiny Home real estate team, which has a professional photographer, agents who search the database of buyers for the most suitable ones, experts in financing and legal aspects.

• Will the agent make a greater effort to sell your property exclusively than with a commission note?
Of course, yes, the agent has the security of being paid for his work when the property is sold, even if it is another agent who has a buyer, with whom he will share fees.

• What is the level of motivation to sell your property?
Very high. All actions are aimed at achieving the client’s objective, the sale of the property in a short time and at the highest market value that can be achieved.

• If the agent doesn’t have a buyer at that moment, is he going to worry about finding one?

Sure. Destiny Home has thousands of buyer contacts and, in addition, collaborates with a select group of real estate agents, both inside and outside Fuerteventura, to guarantee our clients better service.
By having guarantees of getting paid at the end of the process, the agent will invest time and resources in promoting the home for sale, since he knows that even if another real estate agency sells it, his part of the investment will be reimbursed, since in these cases the fees They are always shared.

The level of service is always much higher than with the order note.

The services that are included in the exclusive listing agreement

1 Valuation of the property, setting the starting price for the sale

2 Home Staging and Professional Photography
3 Edition and Publication of advertisements, with Online Marketing and Offline Marketing
4 Management of information requests from interested buyers
5 Evaluation and qualification of buyers
6 Agenda for visits to the property
7 Negotiation with the purchasing party
8 Legal, commercial and tax advice
9 Preparation and processing of documents
10 Accompaniment in the signing and after-sales service

See the details of each of the services for the sale of a home in Fuerteventura.

Advantages of the exclusive listing contract with the real estate agency

The first key is the choice of the Real Estate Agency; The second is to place all your trust in her and sign an exclusive recruitment, since this will benefit you in three aspects:

1. You will only have to deal with one interlocutor, so attention is focused on a single agency, even knowing that several agents and other collaborating real estate agencies are working on the sale of your house. This saves time and ensures that information between the parties flows and is updated.

2. You will have more personalized and frequent treatment from us, since our services will be of greater value, and we will be able to keep you informed more often. We will offer our experience and the data we have about the real estate market in Fuerteventura.

3. Your property will enjoy a personalized promotion and marketing plan, much superior to what you would receive if it were not signed exclusively. Among other issues: real and virtual home staging, professional photographs, video and virtual tour.

Our commitment as a real estate agency in Fuerteventura will be reflected in the fair measure of your commitment to selling the property with us.

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