Do you need a real estate consultant to buy a house in Fuerteventura?

Do you need a real estate consultant to buy a house in Fuerteventura?

With a large part of the real estate offer in Fuerteventura available on the Internet, the buyer may think that the process of searching and selecting the desired property is simple.

We indicate the reasons to entrust the purchasing process to a personal shopper or buyer’s agent in Fuerteventura.


Do I really need a real estate consultant to look for a house?

Buying or selling a property is a complex process.

It may seem that you only need to search the internet to find the house you are looking for at the right price.

The question is to know how to get the most out of it and not get lost in a disorganized forest with many inaccuracies, including out-of-market prices, inaccurate data, unconfirmed availabilities,…

One of the rules of the real estate market is that each property is unique. No two houses are the same, even two models that look identical on the same street turn out not to be.

The houses are different, and so are the contracts, financing options, prices and conditions to be negotiated, registration data, notary information, etc.

This is where it makes sense to work with professionals who know their job perfectly.

When buying a home, which will surely be one of the most important investments we make in life, we should not take unnecessary risks.

There is no need to gamble. Everything must be perfectly controlled and you must know at all times what you are doing.

A Fuerteventura Buyer’s Agent helps you to avoid mistakes in the process of search, selection, property visits, offer preparation, negotiation and closing,

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If I don’t work with a real estate agent, do I save money?

It is a mistake to think that buying through a real estate agent is going to be more expensive.

A good agent makes sure that you successfully achieve your purpose, saving you time, money, hassle and most importantly… risk.

A good agent selects the best properties in your area and provides you with a series of services that you should evaluate to weigh the value they bring you and make a decision accordingly, because do not forget that you are playing a lot in the purchase of your home, from the offers on the Internet.

The “search and capture” of an apartment in the infinite online market performed by non-experts, can lengthen the process of buying professional dedicated exclusively to help you find the best property, is published on the internet or the owner wants to maintain confidentiality.

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Buyer’s Agent Services in Fuerteventura

Feasibility study, analysis of the buyer’s needs, evaluating the possibilities of converting them into success: type of property, objective of the purchase or investment, percentage of profitability, budget, area… what are their priorities, expectations, resources…

Study of the situation of the sector, market study and current situation of the sector, relating it to the motivations and needs of the buyer.

Search for housing, in all the real estate offer, both existing properties on the market, as well as “off-market” properties that have not yet been put on sale, from individuals, from MLS exchanges, and from other real estate agents.

Management of visits and time saving, qualifying properties, discarding properties that do not fit your requirements. Selecting and presenting only the properties that match the demand criteria, saving 70% of time in visits.

Negotiation, with a communication strategy with the seller, aimed at generating advantages and benefits for the purchase, defending the buyer’s interests.

Technical and legal verification, audit of the house, if there is any debt, any census, calculating the monthly expenses, the real meters, cadastral data, thermal behavior, simple note, IBI, minutes of the community meeting.

Search for financing
finding suitable financial conditions

After-sales procedures, and sale or rental if it is an investment, managing all changes of ownership, delivery of documents to public bodies, etc.

Reforms, making a study and managing the work.

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