What permits are needed to build on residential land in Fuerteventura?

What permits are needed to build on residential land in Fuerteventura?

Before diving into the construction of any project on residential land in Fuerteventura, it is necessary to understand the permits and approvals required to comply with legal regulations.

Spanish legislation involves a series of crucial steps to obtain the necessary approval and proceed with construction.

We explain and help you with the procedures for the management of your property in a residential land in Fuerteventura:

Construction permit: Assurance of regulatory compliance

The building permit stands as the fundamental pillar to undertake any construction on residential land. Issued by the local authority, this permit ensures compliance with building codes and safety standards.

Ensures project compliance with local standards, both in terms of safety and structural quality.

It is vital to recognize that obtaining this permit involves a thorough review of the construction plans and detailed description of the project, which must be in accordance with the established regulations.


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Zoning Permit: alignment with the surrounding area

Another essential requirement is the zoning permit, issued by the corresponding municipality. This permit ensures that the construction complies with the zoning of the area, determining the type of structures allowed according to urban planning.

Establishes whether single-family homes , multi-family buildings or commercial structures can be built, according to the provisions established for that specific environment.

Obtaining this permit ensures that the proposed building is in harmony with the predefined urban environment, maintaining the visual and functional coherence of the site.

Environmental Impact Permit: Safeguarding the natural environment of Fuerteventura

To preserve the integrity of the surrounding environment, an environmental impact permit is required. Issued by the local authority, this permit requires an environmental impact assessment of the proposed project.

May require extensive studies to ensure that construction does not damage or alter the natural environment in a detrimental manner.

The importance of this permit is to ensure that the construction is carried out without compromising the environmental sustainability and biodiversity of the surrounding area.

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Occupancy permit: Residence authorization

Once the construction is completed, the occupancy permit becomes the fundamental requirement to be able to live in the house.

This permit is granted after verifying that the construction has been carried out in accordance with local rules and regulations. It is the final approval that validates the habitability of the built structure.

This permit is essential to ensure that the home meets the established quality and safety standards, providing the necessary peace of mind to its occupants.

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Process for obtaining the necessary permits

The process for obtaining these permits involves a series of well-defined steps tailored to the specific requirements of each municipality:

  • Documentation preparation: It is essential to collect all the necessary documents, such as construction drawings, project description and structural soundness certificates, in order to submit a complete application.
  • Presentation of the application: the application is presented at the corresponding town hall, attaching all the necessary documentation and paying the applicable fees.
  • Review and approval: the municipality thoroughly reviews the submitted documentation to verify compliance with local regulations. If everything is in order, the construction license is granted.
  • Inspection of the construction site: once the license has been obtained, an inspection is carried out by municipal inspectors to ensure that the construction complies with the approved plans and the established regulations.

The time required to obtain these permits may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the efficiency of each municipality’s administrative process.

Generally speaking, however, this process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Knowing and complying with the necessary permits and approvals is crucial to avoid future setbacks and ensure the legality and quality of residential construction.

If you want to invest in Fuerteventura, we will be happy to help you.

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