Keys to sell your house in Fuerteventura and increase its value

Keys to sell your house in Fuerteventura and increase its value

We identify the key factors in the sale of a property and add tips to increase the value of the house and improve its positioning in the Fuerteventura real estate market.

4 keys to sell property in Fuerteventura

Among all those elements that influence and make the sale of a home possible, there are four that stand out above the rest:


The area where the house is located is an essential element that will also directly influence its value.

  • Is it close to the beach? Do you have sea views?
  • Do you have infrastructures, services, stores, schools… in the midlands?
  • Is it in an area of urban expansion?
  • Are the residents locals or are they tourists?

Characteristics of the dwelling

Not all homes are the same. Its distribution, surface, architectural style, orientation, etc., have a direct influence, as well as its state of conservation.

Outdoor elements, such as terraces, gardens, swimming pools or communal areas, are highly valued and are used to screen properties.

Market launch price

Fundamental in the real estate market. Statistics tell us that the homes that sell the fastest are the ones that are priced right from day one.

Houses with a starting price higher than the market price take longer to sell and finally sell at a lower price than they should.

Do you need to know the market value of your home?

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The agent and marketing actions

The real estate agent can drastically change the process of selling the house and the price you get.

Marketing actions are not only advertising actions: Successful agents know the market well and have very good contacts with potential buyers.
They have prestige among the other agents, which means that the house will have maximum exposure in the market.

He is in charge of the legal, juridical and administrative procedures, as well as managing possible reforms and improvements before putting the property on the market.

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selling home guide

Tips for increasing the value of your home and making it more attractive

As we have seen in the previous section, there are issues that we cannot influence, but we can influence others, and it is on these others that we must focus our efforts in order to make a good impression on the buyer.

It is well known that the first impression is the one that counts and that many times, because they do not look their best, fantastic homes go unsold.

Improvements or small repairs that can make a major improvement to the house, such as:

  • Leave the entrance door and doorbells in perfect condition.
  • Keep the walls as impeccable as possible. If necessary, paint them.
  • Everything must be clean. Cleanliness is essential in bathrooms, kitchens, mirrors and glass.
  • Check all light points and replace burned out bulbs and spotlights.
  • Depersonalize the rooms. Houses overloaded with personal elements (photos, memories…), prevent the buyer from feeling “at home” or imagining the house he would like to live in, to turn it into his “home”.

The home staging actions are aimed at improving the visual aspect of the house so that the potential buyer can see the real potential of the rooms.

Example of a photographic report of a house, after making these improvements:


Example of Virtual Home Staging, with the help of artificial intelligence:

villa lajares before villa lajares after

Virtual Home Staging of new villas under construction in Lajares.

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