House hunting tips in Fuerteventura

House hunting tips in Fuerteventura

At Destiny Home we have prepared a guide for home buyers and investors in Fuerteventura, in which we explain the real estate buying and selling process step by step.

The first step is searching for a home, but before starting to look at the range of available properties, we recommend following these instructions:

Tips before starting to house hunting in Fuerteventura

Before starting a purchasing process, it is advisable to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it time to buy a home in Fuerteventura?
  • Do you want it to reside permanently, for seasons, or as an investment?
  • Should you contribute your savings to the purchase or study different financial modalities?
  • Is it better to buy an already renovated apartment, or should you consider purchasing one to be renovated?
  • What would you like your new house to have that your current one doesn’t have?

Surely you will have your reasons, but it is very important, before starting the process of searching for a property, to be clear about the needs that we want to solve, the desires that we want to fulfill and the aspirations that we intend to achieve.
At Destiny Home we know how to assess the evolution of the real estate market in Fuerteventura, balancing it with the needs of each buyer.

Let’s start by developing a housing model, establishing preferences, such as location:

  • On the beach/sea front?
  • In a central area with all services?
  • In a quiet area on the outskirts?
  • In some residential development?

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The objective is always to define, as precisely as possible, areas and characteristics, as well as establishing a price range.

With this information you can begin the search process, something you can do yourself or with, totally or partially, the help of a real estate expert, specialized in Fuerteventura, who will save you time, money and worries.

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3 tips for the housing search process in Fuerteventura

Local real estate market research

You can do a survey of the real estate market in Fuerteventura and the available offer, through the internet.

There are many real estate portals that will help you in this regard, always remembering to apply the corrective index: what is on the portals is what has not yet been sold and offers prices that are not the actual sales prices in the area.

We offer you a House Price Report in Fuerteventura (PDF), prepared with price data registered before a Notary, that is, the actual sales, so you can see the price trend.

It is not advisable to close the objective or the budget in this first phase.

Explore the property’s surroundings

Visit the chosen area and select a reputable real estate agency to help you with the exploration, tell you what the environment is like, the type of residents, if any civil works are planned, an urban plan,…

Our experience and the support we develop for each client are the basis for making a correct purchasing decision.


In-person visit to the property

When visiting a property that fits the preferences and fits the budget, a technical validation must be carried out, which is a review at a structural level and a report on the home, valuing both the property and the home.

The costs of a possible renovation of the home are also estimated to adapt it to the buyer’s expectations.

Get a complete guide to learn about the home buying process in Fuerteventura:

home buying guide fuerteventura

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