Home Staging: the keys to sell your property in Fuerteventura

Home Staging: the keys to sell your property in Fuerteventura

Home Staging is a real estate marketing technique that has revolutionized the way properties are presented to buyers. This strategy seeks to maximize the attractiveness of a property to accelerate sales.

What is Home Staging? What are the techniques used to enhance a property? What are the advantages? We tell you everything you need to know to make your property more attractive.

What is Home Staging in Fuerteventura?

The term “Home Staging” comes from English and translates as “staging of the house”. It is a set of techniques aimed at preparing and decorating a property in order to highlight its most attractive features and neutralize elements that may be an obstacle for potential buyers. The main objective is to make people visualize themselves living in that space, which, in turn, increases the chances of selling in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price for the owner.

Home staging involves the elimination of personal elements and the incorporation of neutral elements that appeal to a wider audience. It is a strategy focused on the visual presentation of the property, making it stand out in photographs, videos and virtual tours.

Differences between home staging and decoration

It is important to highlight the difference between decoration and home staging. While decorating focuses on satisfying the homeowner’s personal tastes and needs, home staging, aims to sell the property quickly and effectively. Home staging, therefore, is used to give the home a standard, neutral style that highlights the positive aspects of the property.

Decorating, however, can be very personalized, reflecting the personality and lifestyle of the people living in the home, while home staging focuses on creating an attractive, neutral appearance. This allows potential buyers to imagine living in that space, without being influenced by the personality of the previous owners.

Key elements of Home Staging in Fuerteventura

This process involves a series of steps to transform a home into an attractive product in the real estate market:

Cleanliness and organization

One of the first steps is to carry out a thorough cleaning of the house. This involves not only superficial cleaning, but also the elimination of clutter and the organization of spaces to make them look more spacious and welcoming.

The premise is that a neat and clean home is more attractive to buyers.


The depersonalization process is one of the fundamental pillars of Home Staging, to achieve it, it is necessary to eliminate personal and emotional elements. This involves keeping family photographs, personal items, and any items that make the house seem too closely tied to its current owners.

By neutralizing the spaces and creating a more generic atmosphere, potential visitors are made to feel more comfortable and able to project themselves into the home, which increases the likelihood that they will be attracted to the property.

Finally, depersonalizing a home does not mean losing its charm or character, but rather providing the buyer with a blank canvas to imagine living in.

Reorganization of furniture

The arrangement of the furniture is fundamental. The space should be reorganized in a strategic way to maximize space and circulation in the house. This approach can make a room look more spacious and functional.

Improve lighting

Lighting is a key aspect in any home. In this technique, the aim is to extend the natural and artificial light in the rooms. Proper lighting can make the home feel warmer and more homelike, which contributes to a positive first impression.

Neutral colors are usually used for this purpose.

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Benefits of Home Staging in Fuerteventura

Revaluation of a property

This technique has the power to enhance the value of a property by highlighting its strengths and minimizing its flaws. This can translate into an increase in the value of the home, which directly benefits sellers.

Attract a larger number of potential buyers

When a home is presented in an attractive and welcoming manner, it is more likely to attract the attention of a variety of interested buyers, increasing the chances of closing a sale.

Sales acceleration

Home staging also speeds up the process of selling a property. By presenting the property in an optimal way and minimizing negative aspects, it can reduce the time the property remains on the market, saving time and money for sellers.

Creating a positive first impression

It is based on creating a positive first impression on buyers. This initial impression can be decisive for potential buyers to feel attracted to the property and be willing to make an offer.

Differentiation with the competition

The real estate market is increasingly competitive, but this technique allows sellers to differentiate themselves from the competition. A well-presented home stands out from the crowd and attracts buyers looking for a more positive buying experience.

Improve visibility on the Internet

We live in a digitalized world, so most buyers make decisions based on photos and descriptions. Home Staging improves the visibility of the property on the Internet by presenting it attractively in photos, which increases the likelihood that buyers will want to visit it.

Now you have the opportunity to sell your house at the best price, as fast as possible and with the best professionals. In Destiny Home we are the pioneers of this idea in Fuerteventura, imported from the United States and where it is giving great results to customers.

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