The presentation and basic maintenance of a home play a crucial role in the impression buyers take away. Small flaws such as dripping faucets, exposed wires or doors that don’t close properly may seem insignificant but can significantly affect buyers’ perceptions. A well-maintained home conveys that it has been cared for and appreciated by its […]

Las deudas con la comunidad de vecinos pueden disminuir notablemente el valor de venta de una propiedad. According to the Horizontal Property Law, owners must be up to date with payments for the proper maintenance of the property. In practice, these debts often lead to negotiations where the buyer asks for a reduction in the […]

Dampness is one of the most obvious and worrying problems for potential buyers, as it takes time and money to fix. If a home has moisture problems, potential buyers are likely to offer a significantly lower price. In addition, a home without moisture problems appears more well-kept and conveys a greater sense of comfort and […]

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