Personal income tax deductions for housing in Fuerteventura

Download the Income Tax Manual with the deductions for habitual residence in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

In Destiny Home we have prepared a PDF with the deductions for habitual residence that taxpayers from the Canary Islands will be able to enjoy in the Income Tax Year 2023. In the Manual de la Renta you will find all the details about the following regional deductions:

  • Investment in primary residence
  • Energy rehabilitation works and renovation of the usual residence
  • Adaptation of the usual dwelling by people with disabilities
  • Rental of primary residence
  • Leasing of primary residence in connection with certain dation in payment transactions
  • Expenses on credit insurance premiums to cover non-payment of rents on residential leases (deduction of the lessor)

Download the PDF document with the 2023 income tax deductions in the Canary Islands.

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